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Why This Time of Year is the Best for Hog Hunting

Joe Riekers

Looking for some post-deer season hunting action? This time of year is the best for hog hunting.

With deer season over, it is time to focus on wild hogs.

In many parts of the country where hogs are located, this is the coldest time of year. The cold weather causes the hogs to eat earlier and consume more food, which takes longer than usual. Also, hogs may visit food sources and bait sites in the afternoon during hot weather, but freezing temperatures will make them need energy in the early morning as well.

This combination of factors will have the hogs coming out to forage earlier and more frequently, giving you a better chance of getting one.



Feed the Need

The need for more food more often creates competition. While hogs can breed any time of year, most breeding takes place in Spring and Fall. A 114-day gestation period means this is a peak time of year when a lot of young pigs are weaned and competing with the old timers.

Competing for food makes some hogs less cautious, while others tend to widen their territory. When hogs let their guard down and wander into unfamiliar territory a smart hunter can take advantage of this.

More Pluses

This time of year there are few insects to deal with while sitting in a blind. Hog hunting can be done year-round in most places but with high temperatures, mosquitoes, chiggers and flies, who wants to sit in a blind for very long?

Hog hunting tends to be successful on afternoons when there is a dark moon. January has approximately 15 days where the moon is less than 50-percent visible.

When any animal is killed during high temperatures there is a serious risk of meat spoilage if it is not skinned and cooled quickly. The late winter months allow you more time to prepare your hog for a trip to the butcher shop. While the hog still must be cleaned and cooler there is less urgency then there is on a hot summer day.

Where to Find Them

Hogs tends to like thick and heavy brush that is often accompanied by muddy areas. If your area is prone to Spring rains, these areas can be a real pain to get to. By late winter, many areas are drier than the spring and in very low temperatures the ground may be frozen. There is little vegetation so the hogs can usually be seen for a longer distance than during warmer months when leaves and brush are blooming. This gives the hunter some advantage of seeing the hogs and getting ready while they are further away and less likely to detect movement or slight noise from the hunter.

Sometimes hogs are hunted with dogs or dogs are used to track hogs after they have been shot. This time of year allows for much better scenting conditions for the dogs and they are less likely to get over-heated.

This time of year puts a lot of advantages in the hunters favor when it comes to hog hunting. This time of year is the best for hog hunting.

If you still need another reason, well, most other hunting season are closed this time of year – but not hog season.

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Why This Time of Year is the Best for Hog Hunting