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The Time is Now to Find Your Next Hunting Property

Images via Michael Wardlaw

February and March are perfect times for hunters to locate the hunting property of a lifetime.

Whitetail season has come to a close for much of the United States and that leaves hunters all across the country reflecting on the days gone by. Some are basking in the glow of success while others are wondering what went wrong. If what went wrong leads you to think you need a new place to hunt... now is the perfect time to find it.

Deer Signs

Several factors come into play but the primary reason behind searching during February and March is the fact that deer signs are easy to spot. If you can't find deer signs while the foliage is at a minimum and visibility is high, then you are on the wrong property. It is just that simple.

Rubs, scrapes, and trails should all be highly visible if deer have been on the property. Yes, whitetails will migrate toward the nearest food source and right now the best food might not be on the property. However, the sign they have been hanging around during the fall and winter should still be readily available to see.

Kansas Buck

Deer Sheds

In addition to seeing the tell-tale signs of deer traffic, you might get lucky enough to see the quality of the bucks on the property by finding sheds during your property tour. This is a great way to ensure sleepless nights by finding the shed of a 180-inch monster on your future hunting property.

Property Market

Lastly, this time of year is also when the real estate market is flooded with hunting properties for sale or lease. Landowners are trying to get one last hunting season under their belt before they put the farm on the market. Also, most leases turn over on an annual basis and, you guessed it, that time is now.

You can rest assured that other hunters are thinking exactly like you and will be looking for a new tree to climb come hunting season. With that in mind you need to be prepared to act when you find the right property. The last thing you want to have happen is to be weighing your options only to have the perfect property slip through your fingers.


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The Time is Now to Find Your Next Hunting Property