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Time is a Luxury That Cameron Hanes Cannot Afford to Waste


Cameron Hanes has a regular 9-5 job, so he juggles and steals time to make his hunts happen. That means he’s got no room for mistakes when he’s in the field.

Many of us think that Cameron Hanes just hunts for a living. But he’s got a family to support, and he’s got a regular job outside of hunting. So he’s constantly juggling and stealing time here and there to work out, practice shooting, plan hunts, and prepare for those precious moments when he can get into the field.

That’s what this short film from Under Armour’s Ridge Reaper series is about: time. It’s about Hanes making the most of his limited weekend time to get deep into the backcountry and hunt for that special bull elk.


“Time is just pulling at me from all directions usually,” he says. “That’s my biggest battle in life right now, is me versus time.”

So come the weekend, he’s got to make the most of it. He’s got to be at the top of his game, with zero mistakes, when he’s hunting the deep woods of the Oregon coastline.

“Once that first bugle hits the air, and I know I have two days to get it done – I have a weekend – I can’t make any mistakes,” Hanes says. “I don’t have enough time to mess around, bump elk, not take advantage of opportunity. I need to be perfect.”

That, he says, is the only way he’s going to take a bull home from the hunt.

He passes on a respectable bull. Comes to full draw and then lets down. It’s a gamble, with time in such short supply. He’s only got the weekend.

But preparation and a little luck are on his side, as he arrows a trophy class Roosevelt elk. It all came together in this weekend hunt. Perfect stalk, perfect shot, beautiful bull elk.

“I can honestly say, everyday of the year. I think about this right here,” he says.

But there’s another hunt to plan and prepare for, and once again time is at a premium.

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Time is a Luxury That Cameron Hanes Cannot Afford to Waste