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A Time-Lapsed Dream: Patagonia 8K [VIDEO]


Patagonia. Just saying the word brings on a feeling of mystery, exotic adventure, and something primal.

Patagonia is more than a clothing brand. Many people do not even realize this sparsely populated region in South America actually exists.

In this video, Martin Heck of Timestorm Films brings to life the emotions evoked by the name.

Most people think Patagonia is fictional, from a fairy tale or ancient time, and went by the way of Gondwana, Pangaea, and Laurasia. Perhaps the success of the clothing brand helped fuel this mythos.

According to Timestorm Films, “Patagonia 8K explores the beautiful and rough landscapes of southern Chile and Argentina.”

The crew traveled over 7,500 km in the span of six weeks to capture the footage for this adventure-inspiring film.

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A Time-Lapsed Dream: Patagonia 8K [VIDEO]