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Time Lapse Video of Texas Tower Blind Setup [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how to set up a tower blind?

Hunters deal with different types of hunting blinds, and they probably know setting up a tower blind is one of the more challenging tasks. Novice hunters without this type of experience may not be aware of the amount of work it takes to set up a tower blind.

These Texas hunters shot footage of their process with a Gopro Hero 2 , 11mp @ 5 second intervals.


This blind is sitting on a 10-foot tower, which is a hefty size, but towers can get as high as 25 feet. The higher the blind, the more care you have to put into raising it up. No one wants the blind to come crashing down.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a tower blind, putting it together, and setting it up yourself, you should definitely enlist some help. These three hunters managed to get their blind upright with only the extra assistance of their vehicle.

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Time Lapse Video of Texas Tower Blind Setup [VIDEO]