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Time-Lapse of a Tadpole Feeding Frenzy [VIDEO]

These tadpoles are proof that the natural world isn’t as cute and cuddly as some would like to believe.

While the Internet is buzzing with people debating the ethics of killing animals, these baby Kermits could care less as they swarm the remains of what used to be a living creature…a tuna.

Usually we associate piranhas with carnivorous feeding frenzies, but the tadpoles in this time-lapse are just as voracious.

The video condenses about three hours into just over one minute.

It doesn’t take them long to find their breakfast, as one by one they begin to root around the punctured packet.

It’s also fun to watch a few snails playing Tron in the background. Carnivores are made to eat meat. Predators are designed to consume other animals. It’s not right or wrong, it simply is.

In one final illustration of the circle of life, as I removed the cage from the water, I noticed one tadpole still stuck inside. I pulled it out, showed my daughter, then dropped it back into the water.

She asked why I threw it back and as I was telling her it needed to be in the water to live, a backswimmer darted out from beneath the dock, grasped the just-released tadpole and began feeding on it.

Circle of life.

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Time-Lapse of a Tadpole Feeding Frenzy [VIDEO]