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Time Lapse Shows a Rock Climber Setup a Portaledge in Less Than a Minute

YouTube/Steve Bradshaw

Feeling tired rock climbing? Setup a portaledge on the face on any cliff and take a snooze; that's what these guys did.

For those who spend their entire day climbing up the face of a cliff, the last thing that they want to do is turn around before getting to the top. Fortunately, all you need to do is camp out on the side of a mountain using a portaledge, and continue your route in the morning.

Watch this awesome time lapse of a pretty cool portaledge setup.

When your rock climbing trips go to the next level, having a portaledge tent in your arsenal will be nearly as important as your rock climbing harness. Having the ability to camp out, re-energize yourself and then continue climbing from your last point is perfect on long climbs.

The Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge from Black Diamond Equipment is an awesome cliff camping tent for both you and your fellow climber. Engineered from super light-weight anodized aluminum frame, this double portaledge weighs just under 20lbs and uses a single-point suspension system, which makes setting up that much easier.

Black Diamond Equipment, portaledge
Black Diamond Equipment

Additionally, Black Diamond added several storage pouches along the floor of this cliff tent which is perfect for smaller items like a GoPro or a headlamp. A great piece of equipment for any multi-day climbing excursion.


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Time Lapse Shows a Rock Climber Setup a Portaledge in Less Than a Minute