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It’s Time to Get This Tiger a Taller Enclosure [VIDEO]

When you feed your tiger and he can jump four feet higher than the fence that’s holding him, it’s time for a higher fence.

This is one tiger that doesn’t have to worry about fighting for his next meal.

Who needs to battle over scraps when you can be the first guy to the meat?

The only way this chunk of flesh was going to get away is if it had wings, but after watching this I’m not so sure.

I don’t know if that tiger just wanted to be the first one fed, or if he didn’t want his meat hitting the ground.

It is amazing to see a wild animal move like that! There’s no doubt that if those tigers wanted to, or if they knew that they could do it, they’d be over that fence in a New York minute.

Any sadness at seeing tigers in captivity is even more compounded by the fact that they are an endangered species.

At least in this place, wherever it is, they have a chance for survival.

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It’s Time to Get This Tiger a Taller Enclosure [VIDEO]