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Tim Wells Goes Coyote Hunting with Tracer Rounds

tim wells, hunting with tracer rounds
Tim Wells

The only thing that makes coyote hunting any better is shooting tracer rounds.

Anytime that you get the chance to head out coyote hunting, I highly recommend it. Lighting up these ruthless predators is not only gratifying, it also helps the local deer population greatly.

Watch as Tim Wells literally lights these coyotes up with sending some tracer rounds in their direction.

Awesome shooting and great footage, love those tracers!

Though I’ve been a hardcore bowhunter since I was a kid, over the last decade I’ve developed a passion for knocking down coyotes any way that I can. As all seasoned predator hunters know, calling in these weary dogs is easier said than done.

Since getting hooked, I’ve been a huge fan of FoxPro callers due to their rugged designs, long range and spot on sounds. To help keep you as sharp as possible in the field, FoxPro has additional sounds available for purchase on their website, which can be easily downloaded and added to your favorite caller.

If you’re running into stubborn coyotes that hang up and won’t close the distance, check out what’s available for download, it might just tip the odds in your favor next time you’re out coyote hunting.



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Tim Wells Goes Coyote Hunting with Tracer Rounds