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Tim Wells Ditches His Pants to Retrieve Hog from River

Tim Wells

There’s truly nothing keeping Tim Wells from retrieving this giant hog.

When you make a kill shot on a monster hog, you do whatever’s necessary to make sure that you bring that animal home with you and nothing goes to waste.

Watch as Tim Wells goes hog hunting and runs into a strange retrieval situation.

All that matters is that he got the hog, well done Tim!

For those hunters that are just getting hog hunting, it’s important to know that these tough animals have some serious armor beneath the skin. If your bowhunting, definitely be careful of where  you aim to avoid hitting a plate that will stop your arrow in its tracks.

Fixed broadheads that are constructed from a solid piece of steel work best with hogs due to their overall strength by design. Though mechanical broadheads will work, fixed blade tips are your best bet for breaking through the tough hide and potentially a bone on the interior. Give the G5 from Montec a try, they’re as tough as they come!



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Tim Wells Ditches His Pants to Retrieve Hog from River