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Tiffany Lakosky Just Arrowed Her Biggest Archery Buck [PICS]

Photos via Facebook/Crush TV

Tiffany Lakosky of 'The Crush TV' shot a giant Iowa buck Sunday. 

"BBD in Iowa!"

Deer hunting across the Midwest is starting to heat up and giants are starting to fall this 2015 deer season. On Sunday, Tiffany Lakosky posted a picture of her biggest archery buck yet.

tiffany archery buck
Facebook/Crush TV

The "Crush TV" team is officially on board for the year, and in impressive fashion. Tiffany Lakosky shot this estimated 7.5-year-old buck that scores a whopping 181 inches.

Lakaosky is on a absolute roll. Last year on New Years Eve, she tagged an 190-inch, 23-pointer. Her last two bucks add up to over 370 inches; that's a lot of antler.

23 points tiffany

Congrats Tiffany, on the great buck. Who knows what will happen this upcoming season. I'll take a wild guess, there will many more giant bucks take across the nation.

Good luck to everyone!

Photos via Facebook/Crush TV

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Tiffany Lakosky Just Arrowed Her Biggest Archery Buck [PICS]