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How to Tie a WD-40 Fly [VIDEO]

We all know how useful WD-40 is. The WD-40 fly is just as versatile. 

The WD-40 fly will work anywhere fish are eating midges and WD- 40 spray works just about everywhere else.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to tie this super versatile fly.

For fly fishermen looking for an easy-to-tie, yet effective fly, the WD-40 is it.

Midges inhabit at least 40 percent of the waters you fly fish in. Whether it’s lakes, streams, ponds, or rivers, midges are sure to be there. Even it you are fishing in an area devoid of this naturally prolific food source, the WD-40 fly can attract a curiosity bite.

No matter what fly pattern you choose to cast, don’t let the fall fishing season go by without wetting a line.

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How to Tie a WD-40 Fly [VIDEO]