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How to Tie the Adams Dry Fly for Endless Angling Opportunities

Watch this to learn how to tie the Adams dry fly, one of the go-to flies for guides across the U.S. and Canada.

The Adams is one of about nine or ten flies that they call guide flies, which means exactly what it sounds like it does: guides learn how to tie them because they are so effective in many different fly fishing situations and conditions.

With fly tying kits readily available, such as one of the Orvis kits, that provide everything you need to get started, the Adams is one of the dry flies you should consider as one of your main patterns.

Tying your own flies can seem intimidating, but with the kits readily available today, you will be producing your own in a matter of hours. Also, the Internet provides an endless resource for thousands of fly patterns, tying tutorials, and tips to get you going.

One great fly tying resource is the Tug, which is the Orvis fly fishing library online: there are some great fly tying patterns with an expert that will walk you through the whole process.

I encourage you to get into tying your own flies because catching trout on your own hand-tied patterns brings fly fishing to a whole new level of enjoyment. Keep your eyes on Wide Open Spaces for future DIY fly fishing ideas.

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How to Tie the Adams Dry Fly for Endless Angling Opportunities