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Ticknado: Attack of the Deer Ticks [VIDEO]

Deer ticks are out in full force. This professor is taking the offensive.

What has between six and eight legs, can be smaller than a poppy seed, breeds in the millions and can make you sick as the proverbial dog? You guessed it, the dastardly deer tick.

Dr. Tom Mather, director of  The University of Rhode Island Center for Vector-borne Disease Center, produced this video with the TickEncounter Resource Center YouTube channel:

Check out these other crazy videos:

If that doesn’t scare folks who live in the Northeast, Midwest or mid-Atlantic states, where there’s the highest density of these bugs, I don’t know what will. That’s worse than a sharknado!

Scientifically known as a dermacentor, the tick has been and continues to be the scourge of many an outdoor enthusiast. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) puts it’s Lyme disease infection numbers at an estimated 300,000 American cases per year.

I personally have removed ticks from inside ears and a variety of other unmentionable body areas. It pays to check yourself thoroughly after a day in the field.


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Ticknado: Attack of the Deer Ticks [VIDEO]