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Ticks: The Best Stuff to Keep Them off You [VIDEO]

DEET may be the most popular tick repellent, but permethrin could be even better. 

Outdoorsmen and women are always looking for more effective repellents to prevent ticks from getting on them.

Craig Caudill, director of Nature Reliance School, has done a ton of non-scientific, hands-on experimentation and observation on what works and what doesn't.

With 40 years of in-the-field experience with ticks, Caudill offers his opinion and observations on what works best as a spray repellent.

Watch the video to learn how effective permethrin is compared to DEET, as well as how to properly use it and what to avoid. The advantages of permethrin appear to be very attractive.

Humans have yet to come up with a time tick repellent that is 100% effective. But most of us would consider just about any effective means of reducing contact with ticks whenever possible.

Permethrin is worth some serious consideration and experimentation of your own.

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Ticks: The Best Stuff to Keep Them off You [VIDEO]