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Ticked Off Turkeys Charge the Thunder Chicken [VIDEO]

The Thunder Chicken decoy from Flextone can sure rile a turkey up.

Watch pro-staffer Nate Hosie put the Thunder Chicken to work on a hung-up field bird. After that stay tuned for some awesome clips of angry turkeys coming in to the Thunder Chicken.

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Whether you agree with the use of full-strut decoys or not, there is no denying their effectiveness.

The cool thing about the Thunder Chicken is that it’s a quarter of the size of other full-strut decoys. Gobblers don’t seem to notice the lack of wings and the decoy’s smaller size makes it lighter and easier to pack. Every ounce counts when you are going all Chuck Norris on a spring gobbler.

If you are going to use the Thunder Chicken, or any full strut decoy, keep safety in mind. Never use them on public property or heavily hunted private land to avoid accidental shootings. In these situations, you’ll need to rely on your calling skills and hen decoys to bring birds into range.


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Ticked Off Turkeys Charge the Thunder Chicken [VIDEO]