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Tick Removal Made Easy with New 'Tick Twister' [VIDEO]

Use this handy tool to easily grab and remove ticks from your skin. 

Face it. Ticks are just part of being an outdoorsman. Depending on how lucky you are and what time of year it is, you may make it home with just one tick, but it could be as many as a dozen. Ticks are not only parasites that suck your blood but they also drain your time if you don't have an efficient method of removal.

With tweezers or a pin it can take 3o minutes to get the tick out of your skin and be sure that the head came with it. This video features a tool that will save you a lot of time and worry.

Ticks usually embed themselves where skin is thin. Some of these areas are the back of the knee, the armpits, and the groin. With the O'Tom Tick Twister, it is easy to ensure that you remove the head while simultaneously applying no pressure to the abdomen. Applying pressure to the abdomen essentially causes the tick to backwash into your blood stream. This can lead to irritated skin or to infection.

This tool is not only for humans; it works great on all kinds of animals. Even though you apply tick ointment to a pet or give them a flea and tick medication, ticks will still show up. If you have a pet that squirms, this tick removal method makes it easy to ensure that you got the entire tick.

Even horses can acquire ticks. The large tick hook works great on larger animals and it is quick and easy.

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Tick Removal Made Easy with New 'Tick Twister' [VIDEO]