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Tick Prevention: 7 Methods to Stay Tick Free

Try these tick prevention methods to keep the ticks where they belong: in the woods.

Ticks. I have yet in my life to find a person who claims to like ticks. When I do, I suppose I'll have to remember everybody is entitled to their opinion. Just the thought of ticks will keep some folks out of the woods completely in the springtime. Rather than resisting the urge to chase spring gobblers, use a few proven tick prevention methods to stay tick free.

Watch as this YouTuber lays out a seven step method of tick prevention.

Very straightforward information. Keep your skin covered, limit access to your body, and use a tick repellent to stay tick free.

Popular tick repellents are Permethrin, DEET, and natural ingredient methods. Each method has a history of working, but Permethrin appears to be the favorite of most people.

Tick prevention methods are a nice way to keep the blood suckers off you, and can also help prevent diseases. Ticks are known to transmit at least 15 different diseases. The most commonly known diseases are Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Symptoms for both include headaches, fever, and fatigue. Luckily Lyme disease can be cured with antibiotics, but there is no known cure for Rocky Mountain fever.

One intriguing tick disease that pops up occasionally is from Lone Star ticks. Not limited to the Lone Star state, this tick makes its home in most of the eastern woodlands. Get bitten by this tick and you could become allergic to red meat.

The tick produces a sugar that is found in red meat. If that sugar is injected into the human body, the body may develop an allergic reaction. The number of times you are bitten increases your body's allergic reaction. Some folks have been bitten enough to require total abstinence of red meat.

Tick diseases are a real occurrence. However, fear of these diseases should not keep us all locked inside. In fact, many people forego tick prevention and never experience a problem at all. On the other hand, by practicing some simple steps in tick prevention, not only will you avoid tick diseases but you will avoid giving the blood suckers a free meal altogether.


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Tick Prevention: 7 Methods to Stay Tick Free