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Tick Bite Forces Doctors to Amputate Oklahoma Woman’s Limbs [PICS]

Medical Daily

An Oklahoma woman who suffered a tick bite and ensuing Rocky Mountain spotted fever has had all four limbs removed in an effort to save her life.

Jo Rogers, a 40-year-old woman from Oklahoma, had taken a trip with family into the northeastern part of the state.

As her health began to fail upon her return, and after three trips to different hospitals, doctors finally had a solution to her problem:

She had contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever from a tick bite.

Tick Counter

Certain species of infected ticks such as the Rocky Mountain wood tick, the American dog tick, and the brown dog tick can carry an aggressive bacterium known as Rickettsia rickettsii.

Once a tick has transmitted the bacterium to its human host, symptoms of the disease can begin to show quickly.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever can normally be treated within five days of infection, but unfortunately, Mrs. Rogers was not diagnosed until after that time.

Doctors were forced to make the difficult decision to remove both arms just above the wrists, her left leg below the knee, and her right leg at mid-thigh.

Although the amputations were necessary to prevent the further spread of the infection caused by the bite, doctors fear that more surgeries may be needed.

Lisa James Morgan, a cousin of Rogers, has been instrumental in starting a GoFundMe account to offset the expenses for the Rogers family.

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Tick Bite Forces Doctors to Amputate Oklahoma Woman’s Limbs [PICS]