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Thug Life Alaska: How NOT to Train a Bear [VIDEO]

Thug Life Alaska

Learn what may be the worst way to train a bear in this video; Thug Life Alaska.

We know that most people do things a little differently in Alaska than in the lower 48. Apparently that also applies to how they interact with wildlife, especially bears.

Instead of the normal course, which may be to shoot the bear, take selfies with it, or most likely just run away and let him have his way, this Alaskan decides to take things into his own hands.


I think it only appropriate that this video has been overlayed with the song “Thug Life.” I think if this guy were to get his own television show, “Thug Life Alaska” would be an appropriate name.

Fortunately for our Alaskan friend, it seems to have worked out for him this time. I just hope that that is either one very well trained bear, or that he is close enough to civilization when his thug life Alaskan training stops working.

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Thug Life Alaska: How NOT to Train a Bear [VIDEO]