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This Is How You Throw Cast Net Like the Pros [VIDEO]

Ready, set, throw.  If you're the one on the boat to throwing the cast net, then you need to watch how the pros are doing it.

Watch and learn how Steve Rodger and Scott Walker throw their cast nets and pull in the entire school of baitfish.

Standing on the bow of the boat staring down a moving school of baitfish is a tense situation.  Throw a perfect circle, and you have a boat full of bait and a day full of fishing.

Throw a tangled mess of net, and you have no bait for the day and might as well turn around.  Learning how to throw a cast net takes time and tons of practice, but watching how the pros are doing it makes life a lot easier.

These two make it look pretty easy, don't they?  The only way to get better is to get back on the boat and get after those schools of baitfish.  Happy casting and tight lines.

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This Is How You Throw Cast Net Like the Pros [VIDEO]