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3 Ways Hunters and Anti-Hunters Can Actually Get Along

When hunters and anti-hunters get along, everything is always better.

We all know it, there are more anti-hunters in the world than there are hunters. What we as hunters need to realize is that some of these anti-hunters don’t realize what hunting really is. What they see is pictures of people holding up dead animals and smiling or they flip through channels and come across the outdoor channel and see an animal being shot and killed.

They may not understand everything else that goes into hunting, but at least getting along will go a long ways, for both sides. These three ways, will help everyone get along.

1. Communicate

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It is important that hunters and anti-hunters are able to communicate without accusing someone of something or without a negative confrontation. If you know someone that doesn’t hunt or is against it, instead of saying that they’re wrong and your right, ask them why they don’t hunt.

Maybe you can educate them on why you hunt, and how it is much more than simply killing animals. The same goes for anti-hunters. Don’t assume why someone hunts, maybe take a second and ask your neighbor, or whoever it is why they hunt, instead of thinking they just hunt to kill.

2. Respect each other


Respect goes a long ways with anyone. You see it all the time, usually on social media, where there is an anti-hunter bashing somebody for shooting an animal, or a hunter doing the same thing to an anti-hunter for not liking to hunt.

Why don’t we all just stop bashing and disrespecting people and just respect someone for their opinions. You may not agree with what someone does or believes in, but that’s what makes the world go round. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but going about it in a respectful manner is what’s more important than ever.

3. Be civil

Confrontations are bound to happen between hunters and anti-hunters. It’s how people handle themselves in these situations that usually lead to heated arguments. To many times one of the two people in a confrontation get to heated and it creates something that can be easily avoided. The next time you have a confrontation with an anti-hunter, just be civil, no matter what they say to you.

At the end of the day, we all want to get along. As hunters, we don’t agree with what anti-hunters stand for and vice versa. By just remembering these three simple things, more hunters and anti-hunters are sure to get along.

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3 Ways Hunters and Anti-Hunters Can Actually Get Along