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3 Things About Fishing That Make Us Laugh Everytime

Gar-holing a buddy, catching fish when no one else can, and watching buddies fall out of the boat are three things about fishing that makes us laugh.

Let’s face it; we all have that fishing buddy that will sell his first born to find a secret fishing hole. The better the spot, the greater lengths they will go to try and find it. When you find a buddy’s fishing hole, it’s like finding Black Beard’s hidden treasure. This is a big reason we all try to keep our secret fishing spots secret.

1. Gar-holing a buddy

Man is sinking in canoe and has a sense of helplessness conceptual in perception.

I do believe there is some spiritual loophole for a lie told when disguising the location of a fishing hole. Some may call it gar-holing, but I call it conservation. I grew up just off Oolagah Lake in northeastern Oklahoma. It is known throughout that area for having enough crappie to fill a truck bed in thirty minutes.

The local bait store was just a hundred yards from my house. Fishermen came from far and wide to that bait store. We loved to hang out there and would occasionally get a free piece of candy or soda, usually in return for pointing someone to a crappie hole.

It became sport to see who could get the fisherman to follow the most ridiculous directions we could dream up. I think I still hold that record. I once got a couple of fishermen to take a right and go a mile, take another right and go a mile, and finally, take another right for two miles and the fishing hole was on their left.

Of course this took them in a circle right past the bait store we were standing at and to the boat ramp a mile away. They followed the directions to a tee and even waved at us on the way back around. It is one of those things about fishing that makes us laugh.

2. Catching fish when your buddies can not get a bite

Fisherman with spinning isolated on white

My brother, my dad, and I were fishing on Lightning Creek near Alluwe, Oklahoma. Normally, after the spring warms up, it is full of crappie. For whatever reason, my brother and I were hauling them in. My dad, using the same bait and casting only inches away from our lines, could not pay a crappie to bite.

It is the craziest thing I had ever seen. We swapped fishing poles, and it still made no difference. We were even all using the same minnow bucket, the same hooks, and the same corks. Of course, we were ribbing my dad pretty hard and he was not taking it well.

My brother was reeling in a nice slabber while ribbing my dad at the same time. As he steered the fish closer to the boat, my dad had all he could take. He picked up an oar and slapped the fish right off my brother’s line. He then threw the oar in the boat and announced we were leaving. It was classic and now first thing we bring up when dad goes fishing with us.

3. When someone falls out of a boat, and if it’s a good buddy, it’s even better

My good friend Rudy had bought an awesome fishing boat. It was his pride and joy. He wanted me to be the first person to go fishing with his new boat. So after work we loaded up and headed to Lake Ray Hubbard near Mesquite, Texas. Of course, he gave me a tour of the boat and pointed out the new fish finder, trolling motor, and depth finder he installed. It was all top of the line.

To our chagrin, it was windy, and the water was rough. We toughed it out and pulled in a cove to get out of the wind. Of course, Rudy was back-boating the crap out of me and enjoying every second of it. We weren’t having a lot of luck, when all the sudden I heard Rudy yell, “Oh yeah buddy!”

As I turned, I saw Rudy’s pole bending to the water and I thought, “What has he caught?” The pole was at its breaking point when Rudy lost his balance. Rudy suddenly pulled forward, had a split second choice to make; step on his new fish finder or step on the edge of the boat. He chose the very wet and slippery edge of the boat.

You guessed it, his foot slipped right off the boat and in the water he went. What we thought was the lake record fish turned out to be his line tangled in his fancy new trolling motor. The rough water had pushed the boat forward fast enough that Rudy’s line got tangled up. By this time, the boat is floating past Rudy, who is screaming for me to help him.

At the last second I noticed a flotation ring and rope. I couldn’t believe my luck; the ring was about 12 inches in diameter and Rudy weighed in about 350 pounds. It was almost too perfect. I tossed him the tiny ring and said, “Quick Rudy, put it around your waist.”

Since this is a family website, I will not repeat the language he used. He used a lot of it! I couldn’t quit laughing. As he was drying off, he demanded that I can not tell any of the guys what happened. Without flinching I shot right back at him, “Rudy you don’t have enough money for me not to tell the guys.” Some things are just too funny not to share, especially if it is at someone else’s expense.

I know there are tournament fishermen who have a lot invested in fishing. There is also the occasional fishermen who just wants out of their cube. There are also those wanting to fill a freezer. Regardless of what drives you to fish, we all have fun with it and know of at least three things about fishing that makes us laugh.



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3 Things About Fishing That Make Us Laugh Everytime