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3 Reasons You Should Try Bowfishing [PICS]

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Never tried bowfishing? Here’s why you should start. 

Just a few years ago, I was introduced to the sport of bowfishing. Being an experienced outdoorsman, it came naturally and I dove in headfirst. Since then, I’ve gone on to shoot many tournaments and spend countless nights on the water.

From my experiences, fewer people have tried bowfishing than most other types of hunting or fishing. However, this sport is certainly on the rise and gaining popularity. Here are three reasons you should give this sport a try if you haven’t already.



One of the best parts about being outdoors is simply enjoying yourself and the fact you aren’t sitting behind a desk at work or school. While most types of hunting are relatively slow and require patience, bowfishing is a sport with a bit of a faster pace.

Don’t get me wrong, fishing can be slow and ugly at times. But bowfishing overall is quicker. This can be a huge bonus for young or new faces to the outdoors and keeping their interest. The warmer weather, the ability to shoot day or night, and the fast pace is a great draw for getting people involved in the outdoors.


Places to Fish

Unlike big game or waterfowl hunting, there are many more opportunities to shoot fish because most water is open to the public. Water covers the majority of the Earth, whether it’s creeks, lakes, rivers, or oceans and that means there will be fish.

Invasive Asian carp have become a nightmare across American waterways, but bowfishing is one method to help lower their numbers. While it may not help the situation ultimately, their presence provides another opportunity for sport. Each state has their own regulations to these waters and knowing the rules is extremely important wherever you may be fishing.


 No Off-Season

While there are certainly better times of the year to see fish, there is really no off-season for bowfishing. Usually, fish are much easier to find during the spawn and shooting is much more comfortable in summer weather, but bowfishing isn’t limited to just those times. If you’re willing to battle elements, then you can fish most months of the year, depending on your location. Gigging fish is another common method usually done in the wintertime, yet laws vary among the states with this method.

These are only three reasons why you should start bowfishing. It is a fun variation on the sports we already love. Give it a shot! I bet you won’t be disappointed.

All photos by Reese Johnson

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3 Reasons You Should Try Bowfishing [PICS]