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Three Rare Opah Landed Aboard Southern California Charter

Check out these giant opah, all caught on the same charter boat.

Any day a fish is caught on board a charter boat is a good day for the angler. That day is made even better if a rare or large fish is landed. However, when three extremely rare fish are hooked and landed on the same boat and on the same day, that is really something to remember.

Recently, three anglers fishing off the southern coast of California managed to do just that when they landed three rare opah, or moonfish, in one day.

With El Nino-like conditions occurring off the coast of California, the fishing has been some of the best that it has been in decades. Scores of yellowfin tuna, Bluefin tuna, and yellowtail are being caught in the warmer waters that the El Nino current causes. Among those catches, three even more rare fish were hauled aboard the Excel, a fishing charter based out of San Diego, California.

Opah are much more common in tropical and sub-tropical waters, but they are occasionally caught near California during warm water events. However, they very rarely travel in schools which means that if one is caught, that is usually the only one in the area. There is no direct commercial fishery for this fish for that very reason. It is known for having a very delicious taste and is served in restaurants when they are accidentally caught in nets or by lucky anglers.

The lucky anglers who caught these three opah were Armando Castillo, Joe Ludlow, and Travis Savala. The fish weighed 151, 180, and 124 pounds respectively and made for quite the picture with their large, round shape and bright, orange coloration.

To add even more intrigue to the story, the Excel stated that five opah, including the three that were landed, were hooked at the same time during the trip. Even though only three were hauled aboard the boat, this was still a very special day on the water for all those involved.

Have you ever caught a rare fish or a fish that wasn’t where it was supposed to be? If so, tell your stories in the comments section below.


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Three Rare Opah Landed Aboard Southern California Charter