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Three Ohio Peregrine Falcon Chicks Get Banded [VIDEO]

Watch as three of the newest Ohio peregrine falcon chicks get leg bands in downtown Cincinnati.

The last place you want to get hit by a speeding falcon is on a narrow ledge atop a tall building.

Luckily, the banding in this video from  goes smoothly and the chicks are soon returned to their nest box and their concerned parents can relax.

Check out more fantastic footage:

Peregrine falcons, one of the fastest creatures on earth, often create their aeries on tall buildings within big cities. These buildings are similar to the high cliffs that are the falcon's natural nesting areas. However, as urban sprawl continues to invade our natural spaces, these clever animals have taken up residence on the very buildings that are eliminating their natural habitat.

These Ohio Department of Natural Resources employees carefully remove the peregrine falcon chicks from their nesting box high atop a skyscraper in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The naturalists use umbrellas to defend against the dive-bombing parents who are doing their best to protect their hatchlings.
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If all goes as planned, the three chicks in this video will go on to ensure that their species continues to thrive whether it be on a high cliff overlooking a river or on top of a tall building like their parents before them.

What kind of animals have you spotted in urban environments before? Share your sightings in the comments section below.

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Three Ohio Peregrine Falcon Chicks Get Banded [VIDEO]