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Three Minutes on a Halibut Fishing Boat [VIDEO]

Halibut fishing is hard work, and when the lines come in you gotta work fast.

Weather conditions don’t look like those on “The Deadliest Catch”, but the action is fast and furious anyway as these commercial fishermen haul in a whole lot of halibut.

This is what spring halibut fishing in Alaska aboard the commercial fishing vessel Marathon looks like.

This is a really great two- to three-minute video, very well put together for what appears to be a pretty simple production. There are a variety of interesting views and camera positions, the timing is good, and the music (ZZ Top) is perfect for the action. And plenty of action there is as the crew makes a very impressive haul of big halibut.

I give this short film props as one of my personal favorite Youtube videos of the month so far. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Three Minutes on a Halibut Fishing Boat [VIDEO]