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Three Men to Face Charges in Virginia Bear Hunting Case


Three men will face misdemeanor charges next month in a Virginia bear hunting case. 

On Dec. 20, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Sgt. Sonny Nipper received a call from a property owner about men trespassing and illegally hunting on his land.

The three men accused will appear in Nelson County General District Court on Feb. 4th and face misdemeanor charges in his Virginia bear hunting case.

Nipper told reporters, the North Fork Road resident was concerned the men were trespassing on his property and firing shots from the roadside.

He added, “We had the landowners there who had videoed multiple subjects retrieving a bear and dogs.”

According to reports, the video showed the property owner confronting the hunters. Conservation officers on the scene reportedly found evidence of shells near the road.

The three men accused in this Virginia bear hunting case were located and Nipper told reporters they were cooperative; “They admitted everything, that they exited the vehicle and shot the bear.”

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Justin A. Perry and Roger M. Lowery killed the bear hoping their friend Manuel R. Graybill would check the animal in, since their bear tags were already filled. Perry and Lowery will be charged with one count each of unlawful killing, possession of a bear, shooting from a public roadway, and hunting after exceeding the tag limit. Graybill is expected to be charged with borrowing a hunting license and conspiracy to check an unlawful possession of a bear.

The charges in this Virginia bear hunting case are expected all to be misdemeanors. Perry, Lowery, and Graybill will receive no more than 12 months in prison and be charged will less than $2,500 in fines.

Nipper told reporters the expected fine for a bear this size is $3,000. When the decided amount is paid, the entire payment will go to the Game Protection Fund.


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Three Men to Face Charges in Virginia Bear Hunting Case