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Three Great Fishing Videos with Weird Soundtracks [VIDEO]

These fishing videos are almost good enough that you don't care about the song selection. Almost.

Here's something I've noticed about fishing videos: we're not great at choosing soundtracks. To be fair, I think people usually just pick their favorite song. But does that song really go with the action in the video? Is Alien Ant Farm's cover of "Smooth Criminal" the right pace for this 10 minute ice fishing video? Sure, you and I know it's exciting, but is that visually apparent enough for it not to look just plain weird to a neutral viewer?

I say this with love, obviously. Don't change, y'all. Still, I can't help picking apart some of these choices.

Lake Barancuso, "Fat Bottomed Girls"

It's probably bad form to criticize the song choice--who am I to say what's good and what's not? I still can't help saying that I take a dim view of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." I'm especially confused about its relationship to the video. Are the trout fat-bottomed? Are they girls? Was that verified by a biologist off screen?

The video has some issues all its own. Why does the camera linger on moments like a man standing in a field, or struggling to remove the hook? Oh, and two thirds of the way through the video we discover this is actually the remix, featuring a short verse from semi-obscure rapper MURS.

And yet, nobody except me cares. Because look at those rainbows. Lake Barancuso is actually a really great spot for trophy fishing, and this video may show that better than any on the internet.

Shark Caught from Shore

This video is obviously taking its queues from Jaws, but it misses the mark just a hair. Nobody ever really seems to be in danger in this video, but the music wants you to think that nobody is getting out with an intact torso. I think that's because the shark is on the hook literally the entire time. Also, everybody knows he's there.

The lack of those two qualifiers is pretty crucial to making Jaws a scary movie. I can see where they're coming from, though, and it works a little bit when the shark is making a mess--which are some pretty great moments.

Brook Trout Fishing with The Nuge

Besides the questionable pairing between Ted Nugent and a video of--mostly--a rod sort of jiggling back and forth in front of a large hole in the ice, this one suffers from a pacing problem.

The most exciting part of the video comes when the camera dives down to get some rare underwater footage of hooked brookies. But this comes in the middle of Nuge's extended, and mostly not very exciting mid-song jam. The song almost seems to be loitering while this sizable brook trout fights for its life.

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Three Great Fishing Videos with Weird Soundtracks [VIDEO]