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3 Foreign Battle Rifles You Need to Check Out [PICS]

Here are three foreign battle rifles you need to check out.

Want to know some history on three badass foreign battle rifles? You got it.

FN SCAR or Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle


In 2003, United States Special Operations Command sanctioned the approval for a battle rifle that was as versatile and effective as the U.S. Special Forces operators that wielded them. Manufactured in Herstal, Belgium, the FN SCAR or Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle is exactly what the name implies and then some.

This "Glock" of the assault rifle world was tailored to fit the specific requirements proposed by U.S. Special Forces. The SCAR is rugged, accurate, and reliable; capable of one MOA with a maximum effective range of 800 meters. It's available in 7.62x51 NATO with a 20-round magazine, or 30 rounds of 5.56X45 NATO, as well as assorted barrel lengths ranging from seven inches on out to 20 inches.

The SCAR won out the U.S. military contract over 12 other competing manufacturers and is currently being deployed in active combat zones. This lightweight ergonomic rifle can be purchased by civilians in Black, Desert Tan, or Flat Dark Earth for around $2,500 dollars.

Heckler & Koch HK 417

World Guns

Precision manufactured in the heart of Germany, the HK 417 is a semi-auto 308 (7.62x51NATO) that boasts excellent marks for accuracy and reliability, capable of 1.3 MOA out of a 12-inch barrel and sub MOA groups out of a 20-inch barrel. It has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and can effectively engage targets well beyond 800 meters.

This rifle is being fielded by U.S. Special Forces operators and is in very close competition with the SCAR for the title of best modern universal battle rifle. The ergonomics and weapon features are similar to the classic M4 or M16 making this weapon feel very familiar to the U.S. soldier. It is also highly customizable but, unlike its M4 counterpart, the 417 utilizes the piston system rather than direct gas impingement which allows the 417 to operate cooler and much cleaner. You can find the HK 417 under its civilian alias MR762 for somewhere close to $4,500 dollars.


ACE 52

The ACE 52 is a 7.62x51 battle rifle developed and produced by Israel Weapon Industries in Ramat HaSharon, Israel. The ACE 52's predecessor, the Galil, was modeled after the fabled Kalashnikov AK 47 design known for its legendary reliability and has since been upgraded to fit the growing needs of the Israeli military.

The rifle is lightweight with manageable recoil for a 308, and is highly customizable with the addition of a Mil-STD-1913 rail system. It is available in a host of different barrel lengths including the 20-inch sniper variant capable of sub MOA accuracy. The ACE 52 has an effective range of 800 meters and can hold 25 rounds in the magazine surpassing the normal 20-round capacity in the HK 417 and SCAR-H which is much appreciated by the soldier in combat. The rifle comes in black and is priced around $2,800 dollars.

These three weapons systems are at the forefront of modern firearms innovation and are currently being fielded by militaries around the globe.

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3 Foreign Battle Rifles You Need to Check Out [PICS]