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3 Simple Glock 43 Upgrades to Revolutionize Your Pistol

Concealed carry pistols always need some upgrades and fine tuning. Be sure to practice often and change what you don't like.

From sights and grips, this video breaks down how to upgrade your Glock 43 in a way that is easily understood and repeatable at home.

Sights are always your first upgrade on any CCW pistol. Your CCW is a tool that will be used in critical situations with little time to sight in. If you're not comfortable with a quick one second sight picture, then you should definitely be inclined to swap out the original Glock sights.

Sootch opted for some fiber optic sights with tritium inserts. As you can see the sights are a cost effective upgrade that can save you a lot of effort when you present your pistol in any lighting conditions. Some shooters don't have a light attached to their pistol as some pistols don't come with rails for the accessory, but you can definitely get some sights that provide enough feedback for your eyes to focus in.

Falcon grips are also a good idea to consider for a polymer frame such as the G43, as the polymer can be slippery when wet. The grips add more dexterity to the pistol so that you can comfortably hold your weapon without it slipping. The pistol comes with some slight texturing that can be comfortable for training but might not be rough enough for a sudden grasp.

Lastly, what should have been included in this video that was not, was a Tungsten Guide Rod . The heavier spring kit will reduce recoil and will add a little heft to the very light pistol. Keep the upgrades simple and your concealed pistol will be ready when you need it.

Stay vigilant; practice often and stay prepared for the unexpected.

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3 Simple Glock 43 Upgrades to Revolutionize Your Pistol