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Three Dead Sperm Whales Washed up on UK Shores, and One Explodes

A large sperm whale and two calves were found on Central Beach in Skegness, Lincolnshire, Jan. 24.

While the sight of dead, beached sperm whales isn't all that pleasant, what happened when scientists were performing an autopsy on the adult whale was downright disgusting.

Eyewitnesses say they saw the whale "explode" during the examination. According to scientists, a "huge blast of air" took place during the initial examination.

The 45-foot-long, 30-ton whale was found on Central Beach Beach Sunday. The two calves were discovered side by side 2.5-miles away.

According to the local council, the whales were already dead when they washed up on shore.

Marine biologists were using a probe on the adult whale to begin the autopsy when it "exploded."

Officials say dead, beached whales "explode" due to a build up of gasses in the abdominal cavity.

The skin, blubber, teeth and blood of the whales will be tested to determine the cause of death.

The three whales are thought to be from a pod that got into trouble in shallower water. On Jan. 22, a 50-foot-long sperm whale was found at Hunstanton, Norfolk.


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Three Dead Sperm Whales Washed up on UK Shores, and One Explodes