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Three Big Bass on an Ultimate Crappie Swimbait [VIDEO]

We’d be hard-pressed to find a more realistic-looking lure than the flexible Ultimate Crappie swimbait. Here are three big bass that appear to agree.

The Ultimate Crappie is one of the hyper-realistic handmade lures from MattLures. Matt Servant is the California designer and creator of several lines of lures that look and move about as much like the real thing as human hands can make.

The model shown in this video is MattLures’ Ultimate Crappie, and boy, is it doing a job on the big bass in the unidentified lake these guys are fishing.

Three lunker largemouth bass nail the soft plastic swimbait, the first with such a vicious strike that the angler says that part of the lure is in the bass and “the rest of it’s floating out there.”

Good thing these lures are easily repairable, especially with hits like that.

The Ultimate Crappie and Ultimate Bluegill swimbaits are five-inches-long and weigh 1.8 ounces. They come in either a flat-tail model, designed to be jigged, or a boot tail that ratchets up the swimming action considerably.

These are sinking lures, that sink at a rate of about one foot per second, and are designed to remain upright with no spiraling during the descent. The action on the boot tail crappie is unbelievably life-like, as the beginning of the video demonstrates.

The Ultimate Crappie sells for around $23 dollars and can be purchased via MattLures or BamaFrogs. Right now both outlets are offering free shipping on purchases totaling $50 or more.

These are pricey lures, but they’re handmade, not factory produced in large quantities. And boy, do they look like the real thing.

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Three Big Bass on an Ultimate Crappie Swimbait [VIDEO]