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The Three Best Tech Gadget Gifts for the Hunter

If all else fails for gift buying during the holidays, you can’t miss with these three outdoorsman tech gadget gift ideas.

Let’s face it, sometimes holiday shopping can be frustrating. We never know exactly what everybody wants and what if they already have it?

The following tech gadget gifts for the outdoorsman in your family are great for both hunters and fisherman. Some are specific for certain activities, but are generally perfect for any outdoorsman.

Range Finders

When hunters are in the woods, one thing they need to know more than anything else, is how far away their intended target is from their location. If they don’t know this simple answer, their shot could be way off. With that in mind, a range finder is the way to go.

With so many different varieties on the market, you can go as high tech or low tech as you, like based on price and availability. I personally use this Bushnell from Gander Mountain.





A hunter needs binoculars just like they need camo, a gun, and truck to drive to the field. It’s a necessity. If they don’t have a pair already, they need them. If they have a set already, they would love another. Trust me on this. Fisherman love binoculars too. I know these aren’t really considered a tech gadget, but the advances in lenses and how far they have come certainly ups their gadgetry appeal.

My personal favorite brand is Vortex, found at Bass Pro.


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Any outdoorsman worth their salt probably loves taking pictures while out in the field. If not, getting them a camera that can take high quality, high resolution photos will change that. With easily downloadable camera software available on your phone or laptop, anyone can become an expert when it comes to digital photography.

The initial purchase into a hobby level camera can be a jump but the picture quality and memories that it can create overcomes the price point pretty easily. Feast your eyes on a GoPro. If a GoPro isn’t their style, aim a little higher and look at Cannon DSLR from Best Buy. The outdoorsman in your family will love it.


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The Three Best Tech Gadget Gifts for the Hunter