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Three African Poachers Gunned Down [VIDEO]

This is why you don't attempt to illegally kill wildlife in Africa.

Kenyan Wildlife Service officers caught three men trying to enter a rhino conservancy and opened fire before the men could poach any animals.

Two of the men were killed while the other escaped with gunshot wounds.

On a continent where wildlife is worth several months' wages to poachers on the black market or can bring in tens of thousands of dollars from big game hunters, one might expect a battle to be raging.

Rhinoceros horn can fetch $30,000 per pound on the black market, providing plenty of incentive for poachers to risk life and limb in hopes of a large payday. The average income in Kenya is $1,450 annually.

On the other side, one hunting permit for a black rhino sold for $350,000 in 2014. The African poachers lost this fight. Of note is that the poachers never actually entered the rhino area; merely attempting to access the conservancy was enough to warrant an immediate death sentence.

The Solio Ranch is a 17,500-acre, private sanctuary for black rhinos; Kenya has around 600 black rhinos left in the country.

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Three African Poachers Gunned Down [VIDEO]