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Threatened Marine Species Need to Be Protected, Says Australian Federal Government [PICS]

All photos via ABC/AU

The Federal Government is being called into action to supplement a long-term strategy to protect threatened marine species from commercial fishing.

These threatened marine species are being victim to bycatch and thousands are being killed each year, according to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority who publish a quarterly report stating how many protected species are killed in Commonwealth waters.

Tooni Mahto, a member of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, says the numbers are intolerable.

“Bycatch in Australian fisheries is the number one problem that Australian fisheries have.”

Apparently there is no long-term strategy to bring the number of threatened marine species down.

Instead, Mahto says they need to work to reducing the level of bycatch.

She says, “What we would like to see really is some kind of analysis as to whether the amount of bycatch is being reduced over time, whether there are particular species that need far more attention, whether there are particular fisheries that need more attention.”


A big concern has been brought up about the Geelong Star fishing boat. Since the boat started fishing back in May, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority has recorded the death of nine dolphins and four seals.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority declined an interview, but did release the statement:

“The Commonwealth Policy on Fisheries Bycatch is in place to ensure that direct and indirect impacts on marine systems are taken into account and managed accordingly.”

All photos via ABC/AU

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Threatened Marine Species Need to Be Protected, Says Australian Federal Government [PICS]