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Thousands of Deer Fill the Streets of Japan [VIDEO]

If you think your chances of hitting a deer with your car are high here in the States, check out the streets of Japan.

In most of America when animals cross the road they usually do it individually or in small groups.  Of course there are exceptions, such as the elk in Colorado, but nothing like what you can find in parts of Japan.

Deer upon deer swarm the street in Nara Park, Japan.

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The reason behind the high number of deer in Nara is actually quite interesting. According to a Nara legend, a mythological god arrived in Nara on a white deer to protect the country. Ever since then, the deer have been revered and protected. They say that the people and deer in Nara Park will actually bow to each other.

While that is very neat, it does look like they could use some hunting to control deer population.

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Thousands of Deer Fill the Streets of Japan [VIDEO]