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Bowhunter Takes the Shot, and the Moose Charges Head-on [VIDEO]

We've seen some really close calls with archery moose hunts, but this one might take the cake.

Is bowhunting moose at close range dangerous? You bet it is.

If you think your heart pumps fast when a bull moose stares you down from a moderate distance, imagine what it feels like when one full on charges you from just a few feet away.

The hunter in this moose charge video experienced that overwhelming adrenaline rush while on a guided bow hunt somewhere up north. In the clip below, his hunting guide calls in a massive bull moose for him to shoot. When the hunter connects a shot, the bull moose drops his rack and charges dead ahead.

By the looks of it, the moose's antlers touch the hunter's body.

"Man I thought he had me," the hunter explains in the video. "I was just waiting for my ribs to start cracking and my legs to start breaking. That's the closest encounter I think I've ever had with an animal."

I'd say that was little too close for comfort.

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Bowhunter Takes the Shot, and the Moose Charges Head-on [VIDEO]