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Thompson SMG vs. MP40: The Ultimate Test [VIDEO]

Watch this video to find out once and for all which SMG from WWII is the superior model; the Thompson SMG or the MP40.

America won the war, but which country takes the crown when you put two of the most famous WWII weapons head to head? While many of us have probably never had the privilege of firing these weapons in real life, everyone is at least aware of these two weapons. Most likely from movies, but also from great Internet videos like this one from TFB TV.

The American Thompson SMG had the benefit of being a select-fire weapon which added to its versatility in battle. The German MP40 did not have select-fire, but had the benefits of being lighter and a higher ammo capacity.

Another main difference between the weapons was the caliber of ammunition that they fired. The Thompson SMG was chambered in .45 ACP while the MP40 fired 9mm rounds.

After a lot of testing and much debate, the hosts of the video came up with a split verdict.

That is no surprise as firearm preferences tend to vary wildly due to personal taste. It looks like the debate will continue to rage on.

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Thompson SMG vs. MP40: The Ultimate Test [VIDEO]