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This Close-Up Mosquito Bite Will Make You Itchy

If you’ve ever had a mosquito bite (and who hasn’t,) this up close footage of the deed being done will make you itchy.

Until relatively recently, a mosquito bite was just annoying, but now it can be extremely harmful to you or your offspring.

Watch the video to see what a wicked mosquito bite looks like from ultra-close range.

Although a mosquito bite can be more than a minor annoyance thanks to problems like Zika and West Nile virus, you don’t have to cower in fear and refuse to go outside.

To avoid getting bitten, wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt with a tight weave. If the skeeters are really bad, a head net and gloves are also a good idea. Remember that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and where white, tan, or khaki clothing to avoid being a blood donor to the local population. You can also purchase clothing that is treated with permethrin or treat your current clothing with permethrin spray.

Aside from your attire, chemical insect repellents are the next best way to deter mosquitoes and prevent bites. By applying repellents as directed, you can expect to see relief from hungry mosquitoes for up to eight hours.

If mosquitoes are a problem around your home, attack their breeding grounds with a vengeance by eliminating standing water. Get rid of any old tires that are laying around, dump out your kids’ plastic pool and refill it with each use, and say goodbye to your backyard birdbath. By taking away these habitat features, you’ll have less mosquitoes buzzing around your yard.

Who knows? You might never suffer another mosquito bite.


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This Close-Up Mosquito Bite Will Make You Itchy