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This Time, Steven Rinella is Hunting Alaskan Sooty Grouse

It's springtime in Alaska and Steven Rinella is chasing sooty grouse.

Armed with a rimfire rifle and some protective clothing to keep out the wet weather, Rinella is able to take down a sooty grouse. He goes on to explain what's so special about the species and why he likes hunting them so much.

Watch the video to see if you'd like to try hunting sooty grouse yourself.

The sooty grouse is one of the world's largest grouse. It is a close relative to the dusky grouse found further inland. Until recently, the two species were known collectively as blue grouse, but DNA evidence has caused scientists to designate the coastal sooty grouse as a species of its own.

As Rinella mentioned in the video, the males of the species make a deep hooting sound to attract mates in the spring. Hunters can use this to their advantage by stalking the sound and dispatching the birds once they are spotted. The birds can be found along the Pacific coast from northern California to Alaska. Just be sure to check local regulations before venturing afield.


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This Time, Steven Rinella is Hunting Alaskan Sooty Grouse