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This Three-Legged Dog Remains a Champion Retriever After Accident

After losing one of its legs to a snake bite this dog remains a champion retriever.

After a bad encounter with a water moccasin in Georgia and losing one of its legs, Feather the yellow lab, continues to win titles and remains a champion retriever.

Incredible story and amazing that Feather the lab qualified as a Master Hunter in passing the rigorous field trials after the accident. This level of retrieving course is kind of like the Olympics for hunting dogs.

If you have ever gone to a retriever field trial you know the incredible distances and ground elite dogs are expected to negotiate to retrieve a bird. I was simply blown away at the first show I attended to pick up my second dog from a pro-trainer.

Feather not only remains a champion retriever but she also works with children who have their own trials to overcome. Great work from this retriever and she is a great example that epitomizes the drive, determination and traits of all the dogs that we love for both family and their hunting ability.



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This Three-Legged Dog Remains a Champion Retriever After Accident