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This Tennessee Coon Hunt Touchingly Shows What Matters Most

Coon hunt

It’s funny how big a little coon hunt can turn out to be.

As fall moves in and the leaves begin to blush an array of familiar colors, people around the country are gearing up. Some are fine-tuning their favorite bow and heading to a nearby tree stand. Others are shooting a little blue rock to prepare for the bird seasons that abound in most states. Still others are dyeing and waxing their traps, hoping to land some fur in the fur shed this winter. For some, though, autumn means just one thing: time to coon hunt.

With all the GPS, pickups, and headlamps showcased on a coon hunt these days, it is hard to believe this is tradition is as old as the nation itself. You could say hunting coons is downright American.

In certain parts of the country, hunting coons has become more than a fall pastime; it has become a way of life. Such is the story of this Tennessee family. Take a few minutes you’ll soon realize that, ringtails or not, this family’s hunts are time well spent.

A video like this shows so many positives of the outdoor lifestyle. Family time together, enjoying the great outdoors, working with the dogs, and learning the nuances of the hunt are all lessons that have been instilled in the young lady. You can certainly tell she isn’t the type to let Daddy have all the fun, and she knows those dogs as well as anybody. Kids need outlets like this to grab their attention and give them something to identify with and focus their energy on.

Whatever outdoor pursuit you are gearing up for this fall, hopefully, you will take the time to include the younger generation. Whether it’s on a youth bird hunt, out on a coon hunt like in the video, or maybe just deer scouting, take the time to bring a kid every now and then. You may not realize how much it could mean to them and all the good you’ll be doing for them. Not only is fall a time to gear up for our favorite pastimes, but it’s a time to pass on our heritage as well.

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This Tennessee Coon Hunt Touchingly Shows What Matters Most