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This Story from Brett Favre’s Childhood Doesn’t Really Vibe with Good ‘Hunting Ethics’

We know Brett Favre as an avid outdoorsman, but if this story’s true, it’s more than a little questionable.

With Brett Favre’s name in the news recently, sparked by an event honoring the former Packer at a recent Lambeau Field game, CBS Sports gathered a collection of his former backup quarterbacks for a roundtable of sorts. A few of the stories are pretty great, and some of them involve hunting.

Now, it’s no secret Favre is an avid hunter, growing up in the Mississippi woods. He even congratulated Peyton manning from the treestand for beating one of his records earlier this year.

But one story in particular, from former QB Mark Brunell, comes as a bit of a surprise.


Brunell: My favorite Brett Favre story is a hunting story from when he was a kid. He and a buddy or a couple buddies who were out trespassing on some property somewhere and they had a .22 rifle. They were just messing around and they see a deer. You’re trespassing, you shouldn’t be there to begin with, and the last thing you should do is take your gun and shoot at a deer. So they do it, and I think they hit it a few times and knock it down. After a couple shots ring off, they realize somebody could discover them and find out they’re trespassing. They’re frantic, they don’t know what to do, and they’ve got this deer and it’s flopping all over the woods. So, they figured out the only way to kill this deer without shooting at it is to drown it. So they drag it over to a puddle, a stream, a small pond, I don’t know what it was, but they basically held this deer underwater until the bubbles stopped coming out of its nose. Listen, I’ll probably get in trouble for telling this story, but it’s one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. And the way he told that story, we were crying laughing. It was gut-ache type laughing.

Granted, proof of this would be hard to come by, and if it is true, Favre was apparently only a kid. But all the same, we’re pretty sure anyone, no matter what age, would have to think long and hard before justifying that sort of activity.

Younger generations can’t be completely excused from their actions, and part of it relies on us, as a hunting and outdoor community, preaching respect and ethics to them early and often.

Then again, it’s precisely this type of crude, unnecessary, and extremely inexcusable action that gives anti-hunters and animal activists the ammunition they need to take shots at the heritage we’ve worked hard to preserve. And now it’s out there, for tons of online readers to see. Can’t help but wonder how Brett feels about that going public…

What do you think? Will you give that gun slinging quarterback a pass on this one? Or do you think he should have had the hypothetical book thrown at him?


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This Story from Brett Favre’s Childhood Doesn’t Really Vibe with Good ‘Hunting Ethics’