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This Stange Lure May Be the Secret to Fall Bass Fishing

fall bass fishing

Could this lure actually be the secret to fall bass fishing?

While fall bass fishing is often accompanied by great weather, fishing can often be spotty on large bodies of water. Some folks say this strange lure may be the secret to getting bass to open up.

The name of the lure is the Pompadour Jr. The lure uses a propeller on the back and two wings/arms that stick out of each side. This creates erratic action on the surface that bass just can’t resist.

Check out the crazy topwater action in the video below.

It looks like Bama Frogs hit a home-run with the Pompadour Jr. These things have the right movement and appeal to big bass like nothing else. If you are a topwater addict, you may want to think about picking a few of these up.

In order to view all the available colors and additional information, be sure to check out the Pompadour Jr. on Bama Frogs’ website.


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This Stange Lure May Be the Secret to Fall Bass Fishing