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This ‘Smart Gun’ Can Only Be Fired by Its Owner

This ‘smart gun’ can only be fired by its owner, using an additional tool that unlocks the gun.

Gun safety is increasingly becoming an issue with the rapid growth in gun ownership, and the surplus of additional weapons in the average owner’s collection is even more at risk of theft without additional security using trigger locks and safes.

However, many of those dated devices tend to detract from the ability to quickly access a firearm while fumbling with keys and combinations. What if you need to react quickly and those few extra seconds are what makes the difference?

The “iGun” developed in 1999 by Jonathon Mossberg requires a special ring to be worn by its owner that has a chip in it to synchronize with an internal chip on the gun, only allowing the gun to fire if the ring contains the right code and electrical current. The gun itself is ready for the market, but they’re still currently in the process of funding research and development.

This might become a new standard for gun control laws that require lock and key, and give the gun owner additional security that their heirloom firearms won’t fire in the hands of a thief.

So if you really love your gun, I guess you better put a ring on it.

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This ‘Smart Gun’ Can Only Be Fired by Its Owner