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This Slow Motion Video Shows You How Blazer Vanes Work

If you’ve ever wondered how the popular Blazer vanes work, check out this brief video.

Blazer vanes have to be one of the most popular arrow vanes on the market right now. They literally seem to be everywhere. Browse hunting videos, articles, and the gear at your local shooting range, and you are sure to find these small plastic vanes guiding arrows downrange.

How do they work though?

Traditionally arrows were stabilized in flight by feathers, typically much longer than the compact design of Blazer vanes. If you’ve ever wondered, or are simply curious, as to how Blazer vanes work, check out this brief slow motion video.

There you have it, slow motion video and a scientific breakdown of how the popular Blazer vane works.

Pretty interesting how the lightened vane weight increases the FOC, or forward of center, of your arrow, although probably only slightly. Increasing your FOC is a known way by many archers to increase your arrow’s ability to penetrate a target.

It was also interesting to see the scientific explanation of how Blazer vanes create air pressure to stabilize the arrow shaft heading downrange. I’m sure it is basic knowledge for folks familiar with flight science, but interesting nonetheless.

Many of you reading this probably already have Blazer vanes mounted on your favorite arrow shafts. After watching this slow motion video you might have a better understanding of how such a small plastic vane can accomplish so much.



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This Slow Motion Video Shows You How Blazer Vanes Work