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This Simultaneous Doe Double Will Blow Your Mind

doe double

Ever killed a doe double with a hunting partner? These guys did it at the exact same time.

A doe double is great. It helps control the local deer herd and provides a bunch of tasty venison for the dinner table. But a simultaneous doe double is even cooler.

Watch the video to see what it looks like.

Harvesting does is a great way to manage your local deer herd. If you need to thin the herd, taking out a few more does will eliminate two or three deer from the following year’s population. However, if you are trying to increase the number of deer on your property, you may want to let the does walk and produce young.

Hunters should keep in mind that areas with an even, or almost even, buck-to-doe ratio provide better hunting during the rut, and bucks living on properties with fewer deer have the opportunity to grow larger antlers. Decide what’s right for you and your hunting property, make a doe harvest plan, and stick to it. You’ll be glad you did when your freezer’s full of venison and your wall is covered with antlers.

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This Simultaneous Doe Double Will Blow Your Mind