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This Poisonous Weed Found Across the Country Eats Away at Your Skin


A poisonous weed growing all across the country is causing the Department of Natural Resources to warn people for this summer. The plant is eating away at people’s skin.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you probably know how terrible poison ivy can be. This poisonous weed called wild parsnip may just put poison ivy to shame though.

Summertime is the season of taking the family outdoors and enjoying the wilderness. Unfortunately, wild parsnip is found in nearly all 50 states, so this may be something you want to watch for this summer.

The weed seems very harmless and its tint of yellow color looks like it is safe to touch or pick. Almost identical to yellow wildflowers, the plant is dangerously deceiving.  After contact with the skin and then sunlight, the rash forms and causes a similar reaction to severe burns. Just ask Wendy Prusha.

As you can see in the video, the oils sit on your skin and cause a severe rash. Your skin continues to burn and then begins to form bubbles and blisters. Literally, eating away at your skin.

If you come into contact with wild parsnip, make sure to thoroughly wash your skin with dish soap and then apply hydro-cortisone cream.

Enjoy your summer, but make sure you are prepared in case you run into this plant.


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This Poisonous Weed Found Across the Country Eats Away at Your Skin