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This Pigeon and Rescued Fawn are Best Friends Forever

Who doesn't love seeing baby animals? This rescued fawn has a pigeon for a best friend.

This video comes from Sydney, Australia. It shows a rescued fawn that was been brought in by local wildlife officials. The fawn was only a few days old when it was found all alone. It is believed that the mother deer was been shot by hunters and the little deer was all by herself.

Since she was unable to care for herself at that age, they decided to save the baby deer. They even named her Faline, the name of Babmi's love interest in the movie.

While in the wildlife refuge, a fellow animal took notice of the baby deer and followed it everywhere. The pigeon and baby deer became best friends.  The pigeon followed the deer everywhere and even rode on it's back.

They were inseparable until they moved the rescued fawn to another facility.


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This Pigeon and Rescued Fawn are Best Friends Forever